Delight #newborn #unbreakablelove #zuludelight

The strong smell of antiseptic surrounds me as I start my walk along the long corridor. Not surprising, there are bustling and busy nurses chatting and laughing and giving their patients the occasional encouraging smile.  My heart feels warm and fuzzy as I look down at a beautiful newborn baby laying in her mother’s arms. The new mommy tells me quite openly about the birth of her little angel, as I get comfortable on her bed beside her. As she speaks, she casually offers her precious parcel for me to hold. Instinctively my arms reach out and I find myself cooing over this one day old little princess. 

The mother suddenly stops speaking and I realise she is staring at me. I look up to meet her gentle brown eyes. “You like baby, yes?” Before I could even think to answer she carries on as if she didn’t really expect an answer. “I see  love by your eyes for baby.” Her accent is as strong as I can see her personality is. This is a woman with perseverance. I confirmed her statement with a goofy smile.

The little angel stirred in my arms, as if she knew what was being said. The tiny little slits of her eyes revealed themselves and her still fuzzy sight focused right on me. I can swear she even smiled ever so slightly! Ok, fine it was probably only gas!! But I’ll continue to convince myself she felt every emotion radiate from me.

I reluctantly handed her back to her mommy who immediately hugged her warmly. 

A better name could not have been chosen for this precious soul. Her name is ‘Thabisa’ with the Zulu meaning ‘delight.’

Walking back down the antiseptic smelling corridor with the sounds of happiness and delight surrounding me, my heart is light and my excitement rises as I realise that I only have another 7 months to go before I hold my very own little delight…


Author: daisiesanddecaf

Honest, loyal and almost always punctual🌼☕

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