Happy Love doesn’t exist. 

Love is the saddest feeling one’s heart could ever feel.

Because it’s so deep, so real, when destruction comes it leaves you feeling desolate,  empty and completely useless. And when it does feel full for a moment, don’t deceive yourself – it’s full of trash. Wasted efforts. 

When you feel love, you can be sure of unhappiness coming your way. Of heart break and sadness which is sure to follow soon. 

One of you may put in all the effort humanly possible, but that too will be wasted. You will be left with insecurities you never knew you had. 

Love is so blind. You eagerly hold on to the hand of the one you’ve given your heart to. Trusting this person to lead the way. But I can assure you, your hand won’t be held forever. You’ll be left dangling on the edge of a cliff, with no one in sight. 
The things that once made your heart warm and fuzzy, that gave you gooseflesh will soon fade away. Leaving you empty and unsure.

It doesn’t matter how strong your soul has been all your life. How positive you’ve been or how much care and love you’ve been able to give away and share. Once your love turns on you and bares it’s horrible flaring teeth, you can be sure that you will be left as an empty shell. No hope, no happiness. You will be left as a nothing and as a no one. 

Lock your heart and keep it safe. Do not give it away or lend it even for the shortest of moments. Because the cruelty that is ‘love’ is waiting patiently for you to do just that. So it can dig its fangs down deep into your soul causing you to bleed out and leave you with nothing inside. 

Author: daisiesanddecaf

Honest, loyal and almost always punctual🌼☕

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